Saturday, August 30, 2008


The beach towards the town

Here it is....Gujora Beach, perhaps the most beautiful beach I have ever visited. It's too bad that I don't believe that my photos can in no way display its beauty correctly.

The Bay

About 20 minutes from Okpo by bus, Gujora is part of Hanryo National Marine Park (just off Geoje). Being part of a protected habitat has left the water amazingly clean and pure. Also amazing is that the beach is in a cove of a very large bay, so there are hardly any waves, even in the face of very windy conditions.

The Island with Inner Tubes

I will miss going to the beach when summer is over. Ah well, everything has to end. But until then, I will keep on going....

(and now something off topic)
The Rules of the Beach are:
Let's conserve natural resources.
No dump garbage. Take back please.
No Cooking, No Camping, No fire except permitted area.
No Swimming.
No Shamanism.


SeungLee said...

It is true that the photo is not enough to describe the beauty of nature. In such a case we just put it in our heart. But, your photos are great!
Hope that you enjoy the rest of sunshine of this summer.

Down and Out in.... said...

I am off to the beach. I will try to take some more pictures. Have a nice Sunday - I hope you are doing something fun.

JKC said...

Nice blog!

You should link this to facebook

SeungLee said...

Thank you for your wish. Tonight I had a nice time with Minsook and a journalist couple until 1:00 am. Looking forward to more pictures by you :)